Photos: Bayimba’s 10th edition celebrates the arts

South African singer Berita. © Bayimba/James Wasswa Photo

The Bayimba International Festival of the Arts is on at the National Theatre. The festival celebrates the arts, from music to fashion, film, art and photography. South African singer Berita was one of the attractions of Day One and she said the main stage with reggae maestro Maddox, Mariam Ndagire, Cindy, Kadongo Kamu veteran Abdu Mulaasi and others. Check ot the images.

Mariam Ndagire on stage. © Bayimba/Bwette Photography
Performers on stage at the Bayimba Festival. © Bayimba/Bwette Photography
Revellers at the 10th edition of the Bayimba Festival. © Bayimba/Bwette Photography
Maddox on stage. © Bayimba/Daniel Ecwalu photo
A performance of The Unveiled Truth. © Bayimba/Daniel Ecwalu photo
A photography exhibition at the festival. © Bayimba/Giyo Photo
A model showcases a creation by Kolo during the fashion show. © Bayimba/James Wasswa Photo
A poetry session by Kitara. © Bayimba/James Wasswa Photo
Jacinta performs. © Bayimba/Giyo Photo
Haka Mukiga on stage. © Bayimba/Bwette Photography
Cindy performs. © Bayimba/James Wasswa Photo
Abdu Mulasi performs. © Bayimba/Giyo Photo