Vodafone introduces power pack to keep you online

Vodafone has introduced a 3 in 1 data pack loaded with data, a reserve bundle and WhatsApp to ensure you never worry about going offline.

The Power Pack comes in four options to match your needs and pocket: 2.5GB valid for 3 days at only UGX30,000, 5.25GB valid for 7 days at only UGX40,000, 19GB valid for 30 days at only UGX140,000, 37GB valid for 30 days at only UGX170,000 and 97GB valid for 30 days at only UGX320,000.

You’ll have a daily top up, a dedicated reserve bundle for that extra data in case you hit your daily limit and a dedicated WhatsApp bundle all valid for 3, 7 or 30 days depending on your choice. See table below for details:

You can Buy your Power Pack at a Vodafone outlet near you, top up from over 4,700 partner locationsMyVodafone app and web self-care portal to pay with a debit/credit card. Sit back, relax and enjoy worry free data.