5 ways to save money while improving your home

Are you on a budget? Would you like to improve your house or home? Well look no further, here are five things you could do yourself to help you save money when improving your house or making it a much more comfortable abode without having to wait for your landlord for months on end.

African American male and female couple lying on floor looking at architectural blueprints.

Resealing cracks
Reseal all those ugly cracks in your tub and tile with waterproof filler or sealant and make your sinks look new again without having to call in a professional. Waterproof filler and sealant cost Shs25,000– 40,000 at a reputable hardware store.

New coat of paint
Why not add a fresh coat of paint to that boring room to make it brighter and give it a new look. This also stands for the exterior of your home and interior (cabinets) if you feel that they boring or you are looking for a new look you can give your house a new coat of paint. Instead of making structural changes that will cost you a fortune and time, stick to a new coat of paint. A can of paint costs Shs20,000 or more depending on the litres and were you buy it from.

Spray paint your old rugs
Tired of the old rugs/carpets lying around your house? Do not throw them out to buy new ones. Save your money and spray paint your old rugs to give them that new look. You can do this by yourself at a minimum cost instead of spending on a new rug. A can of spray paint costs Shs45,000 and above in a reputable hardware store or paint store.

Varnish old furniture
Tired of that rugged old dining or bed? Do not be quick to throw it out; it can be turned into a gem. You can simply varnish and add a new coat of paint. This will save you money and time. Plus, varnish goes for Shs30,000 or more in reputable retail stores.

Petroleum jelly
Are you tired of those squeaky doors? Well , simply reach for your jelly. Vaseline can act as a lubricant when rubbed into the door hinges. If the problem persists use oil to lubricate the hinges. Vaseline costs Shs2000 and above in your local store.