VIDEO: President Museveni says he is 71 years

While campaigning for NRM’s Sitenda Sebalu earlier last month, President Museveni stated that he was aged 25 years in 1971. For those you were good at manipulating figures, this only means that the president is now 71 years which means he will be 75 in 2021 thus eligible to contest as president without necessarily amending the constitution.

The presidential age limit has been a major topic of debate in the recent weeks. When State House shared photos of the president perusing through baptism records, several Ugandans were hell shocked when it was stated he was marking his 70 years since his baptism.

However, the narrative in his epic biography ‘Sowing the Mustard seed’, the president revealed that he was almost three years at the time of his baptism. This therefore conflicts with the narrative in the video below.