Ugandans raise suspicion as President Museveni marks 70 years since his baptism

On Sunday evening, president Museveni marked 70 years since he was baptised. However, some Ugandans seem to have suspicions over the intentions of the president commemorating the milestone in Christian faith. 

It all started when the State House shared on Facebook photos of the President and First Lady Janet crosschecking through old  baptism records at St Luke Kinoni Church of Uganda in Kiruhura district.

According to the records, President Museveni was baptised on August 3, 1947 by the late Rev Eric Sabiti; who was later to become the first archbishop of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Boga Zaire.

It is on this background that some Ugandans have raised suspicion connecting the event to alleged presidential age limit amendment.

However, senior press secretary had a clear answer to these suspicions.