Heavy police deployment at Beti Kamya’s home as boda boda riders threaten to attack her

This morning, there has been heavy police deployment at the home of Kampala Minister Beti Kamya  in Lungujja, a Kampala suburb as youth from the 2010 Boda Boda association threatened to attack her home.

The group accuses the minister of forcing them out of business, leaving them unemployed. This follows yesterday’s statement from the minister stopping ‘tuk tuks’ (three wheel motorcycles) from operating as commercial public means of transport.

Kamya argued that such bikes are not licensed to carry passengers. She then directed police to implement the order by arresting all cyclists that seem to defy the directive.

The ban followed a class between the tuk tuk riders who are slowly but surely creeping into the city with taxi drivers who claim they are encroaching on their passengers.

Kamya had to be escorted by police out of her home.
The driveway to Kamya’s home was guarded.