Letter to all single mothers

This week started off a good note until Tuesday afternoon when a person I fail to categorise among humans just dug so deep to where it would hurt any parent the most. As a mother, Christian and writer, I have decided to share my experience as a lesson for the parents mostly “fathers” out there. For the first time Mama Sandy’s column has been dedicated to all the irresponsible men walking around with pride of fatherhood and the struggling single mothers that hope for things to get better one day after another.

A child is a young human being below the age of puberty or below the legal age of majority. While a parent is the sole caretaker biological mother/father to the child. Why the reminder? Because so many parents have either forgotten who they are and what their God-given roles are.

Anyway once upon a time we all get entangled in a love nest that eventually harbours the fruit of the womb. This is never a guarantee that all will be well. If anything it’s at this very moment that the devil places his seat at the centre of the relationship. So if you are not strong enough or for any reason best known to you, and feel that things are not working out, you end the relationship.

The marriage/relationship ended and that is sad. But the child you both had, has nothing to do with your emotions, pride and ego. Unfortunately, so many innocent children have become the “battle ground” for their parents’ mistakes. Allow me take this opportunity and use this platform to condemn every father out there who has mistreated, tortured and neglected their child all in the name of hurting the mother.

And in the same spirit, I speak to you (single mother). It might get tougher by the day but believe me if you must. It is worth every tear, little kisses, warm hugs and life itself would be meaningless without that little ninja. Be hopeful for joy surely comes in the morning.
But most of all move on, open a new chapter and heal. You can never underestimate the power of love.

Lastly, pray for the father of your child; that God may forgive him and keep him alive to see your child excel at every milestone in life. Hang in there mama all will be well.