Dutch Embassy pulls out of Euro-Uganda film festival in protest after government bans film ‘glorifying homosexuality’

A scene from the movie.

The Netherlands Embassy in Uganda has decided to completely pull out of the on-going Euro-Uganda Film Festival slated for next month, after the Media Council showed the red card to The Dinner Club one of the submitted films because it “glorified homosexuality.”

The embassy announced that they are pulling out of the festival following the rejection.

“The Uganda Media Council denied the film a classification rating and decided that the film should not be exhibited anywhere in Uganda. The Embassy deplores the decision of the Uganda Media Council and it will withdraw from participation in the European Film Festival in Uganda,” a statement on the embassy’s page read.

“The film depicts and glorifies pornography, which is a criminal offence in Uganda,” stated the Media Council in its observation.

The film was also not found fit for Ugandan viewership for having scenes with steamy sex, lurid language, plus a gay man calling another “a hot chick”. It was also faulted for imitable behaviour like “deep kissing, smoking and alcohol consumption.”

The Dinner Club was supposed to be screened this Tuesday evening at Goethe-Zentrum in Kampala.

Below are the details of why the movie was rejected.