Celeb style: Socialite Dorothy Shonga is not into labels

How would you describe your style?
Down to earth fashion style. I put on anything that makes me look good. Plus, I am not into labels.

What is the one fashion item you cannot live without?
My Signorita perfume.

What is your worst buy ever?
That would be the Malaysian hair piece that I bought very expensively in Guangzhou. On getting here, I realised it was fake, and not actual human hair.

What styling trick works for you all the time?
Taking it simple, real and natural, in short I come up with anything easy myself and is appealing to my Husband.

Any Item we would not find in your wardrobe?
You would not find a Gomesi in my wardrobe. My husband tried so much, but I didn’t like it from day one, so I don’t have it.