Hon. Amelia Kyambadde abandons luxury car, walks to office because “it’s healthy”

While many people dread walking to work, Hon. Amelia Kyambadde was today very grateful to have a change. She left behind her luxury car that comes with air conditioned ambience, CD player for soothing music and went head on with the dust, dirt and risk of Kifeesi thugs.

She walked from Parliament to her office. She says it’s for fitness and health. Next time somebody tells you “Genda ogule motooka” (Go buy a car), just be like Amelia Kyambadde and tell them you are walking to office or work because its very healthy.

In some developed countries like Netherlands, top businessmen, politicians are often seen riding a bicycle to work. So, be comfortable in your shoes. A sedentary lifestyle too comes with its effects, often hazardous health challenges.