Come back home – Father cries out to daughter who disappeared after being “raped” by Makerere boy two years ago

Mzee Bwana hasn’t seen his daughter since 2015.

Mzee Teko Bwana is a man with a bleeding heart. Not only did he not get justice after his daughter was allegedly raped by Makerere medical student Jeremiah Mukyemu in 2015, but his daughter disappeared because of the related stigma and he hasn’t seen her since.

“Agnes, wherever you are, please come back home,” 56-year-old Bwana said in an interview with NTV.

Mukyemu is currently behind bars at Wandegeya police station.

Bwana’s heart wrenching story comes on the heels of last weekend’s horrific story where Brenda Nakyejwe a second year student jumped from the third floor of Mitchell Hall in Makerere University in an attempt to avoid being raped by Mukyemu.

Mukyemu was arrested by Police and held at Wandegeya Police station and 2015 Agnes’ story resurfaces with her father saying she didn’t get justice.

“Police frustrated our efforts. There was a confession from Mukyemu, there was blood on her dress, but they released him without any charges,” Mzee Bwana said.

“The case was investigated and it had so many loopholes, the state attorney had so many questions and it was dismissed,” Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said.

Bwana says that after the 2015 incident, Mukyemu wrote to him asking for forgiveness.

An NTV screen grab of the letter Mukyemu wrote to Mzee Bwana.

“I hereby write to Mr Yeko apologising for the crime, I committed to one of your daughters. I agree that I committed the crime and I ask for your apology and mercy. Your positive consideration will be highly appreciated,” Mukyemu is quoted in his letter to Bwana, his victim’s father.

“Mukyemu should be in prison,” Mzee Bwana says with tears rolling down his eyes asking his daughter to go back home.