Opinion: Event organisers need walkie-talkies— Dixon Okello Bond

Event security can be a substantial logistical challenge with dozens of things happening at once and people gathering by the thousands. Whether it’s a sporting event, a music concert, a trade show, a cultural festival or a corporate event, it’s all about coordination. And coordination comes down to communication.
Dixon Okello Bond events’ security manager
Are the right people getting the right information in a timely manner? Is everyone able to respond quickly to unforeseen events? Festival-goers can suffer heart attacks,experience crowd control and disturbance issues, slip on a wet pavement and break a leg, choke on a rolex (chapatti) and who knows what else.
Those involved need to have clear direction, the ability to ask questions and solve problems, and access up-to-date information. That’s why event organisers need two-way radios (walkie-talkies) as their first and most essential safety device.

Some may think cell phones are all an event organizer needs to keep people talking to each other during major events. This is a risky miscalculation. Cell phone networks are notorious for dead spots, dropped calls —This is the last thing an event organizer needs.

Many events’ organisers, promoters,companies and club owners, have of late bought two way Radios (walkie takies), but as usual some incompetent security offers are harassing them.

These officers still have stone age mentality and believe its only those that work for the state or private security that should have radios. These Radios can be found (bought) in almost all top shopping malls in town, for as low as 100 -300 thousand shillings.
Its about time, that the Uganda Communication Commission, came out and educated our security agencies and all stake-holders about the different types of Radios (channels) that can be used license-free, have limited watt power and with limited range as well.
Dixon Okello Bond.
Events’ security manager