MCM: Jacob Kiplimo, gold medalist at 16

Although he’s not yet legal age, the sweet 16-year-old Jacob Kiplimo is here to steal hearts. We don’t mind, our hearts are already stolen and we’re crushing on the teenager champion this Monday.

Jacob Kiplimo stole hearts

Kiplimo became a darling yesterday when he made history as the first Ugandan to win an International Associations of Athletics Federation (IAAF) World Cross Country championships gold medal.

It was tears of joy

The youngster who’s a 2016 world U20 10,000 metres bronze medalist took on Kenya’s Amos Kirui to win the U20 junior race. He clocked 22 minutes and 40 seconds.

Kiplimo breaking the finish line.

Kiplimo, the youngest ever Ugandan Olympian was born on 14 November 2000. He’s a Sebei who grew up in Bukwo on Mount Elgon. In 2016 he represented Uganda at the Summer Olympics running the 5,000 metres race though he didn’t go past the heats.

Although Kiplimo he didn’t win any money because the junior race is a non cash category, at least he got a presidential handshake.

We celebrate Jacob Kiplimo today