Trending: Ugandans “force” Trevor Noah to visit Uganda

Yesterday, following a tip off from Uganda Culutre Week organiser, comedian Patrick Salvado Idringi, Matooke Republic reported that Daily Show host Trevor Noah is set to visit Uganda this November.

Trevor Noah replied to our tweet saying;  “This is a scam, I am not coming to Uganda.”

Both Salvado and South African born Trevor Noah are comedians of repute so we cannot tell who of them is joking, until November.

But Ugandans on Twitter were not taking any of Trevor Noah’s disdain for the Pearl of Africa, as if coming here will make him catch an incurable disease.

UOT immediately started a hash tag #TrevorNoahVisitsUganda that is still the top trend on Twitter. Some photoshopped images of the comedian in Uganda, others told him what he will miss out in case he doesn’t come to Uganda while others took advantage of the trending topic to market their products.

One thing Trevor must have accepted though is that Ugandans have a very good sense of humour. No wonder he has two Ugandan writers on his Daily Show team in David Kiwanuka and Joseph Opio. We wonder what they told him is so bad about Uganda that he doesn’t want to come though.

Anyway, below are some of the hilarious and ridiculous tweets.