Kenyan politician mocked for arriving in a chopper to launch wooden bridge!

Residents in the remote village were more mesmerised about Maina’s chopper than the bridge he was launching.

It looks like politicians suckled the same breast as the things they do keep us shaking our heads.

In neighbouring Kenya, a politician has been trending – of course for the wrong reasons. He flew a chopper to launch a wooden bridge!

Nairobi News reported that billionaire Ephraim Maina who is aspiring for the Nyeri senatorial seat was mocked by social media users for commissioning the semi-permanent wooden bridge. Oh, the things politicians do when looking for votes.

The wooden bridge that Maina launched.

Maina, a billionaire road contractor arrived in a chopper to launch the bridge that is valued at Ksh7,800 (Shs234,000).

Some of the materials used to construct the bridge were donated by the local Forest Service officers.

“I now officially launch this bridge.”

Maina cut a string to officially launch the bridge and he entered a Canter lorry to carry him across the bridge to demonstrate its strength.

He rode in a Mitsubishi Canter across the bridge to confrim it was firm enough.