I’ll forever have Rabadaba in my heart—singer Lydia Jazmine reveals their relationship

Singer Lydia Jazmine has someone special to her and its Rabadaba. The fast rising star revealed she has enjoyed a very beautiful relationship with a rather selfless Rabadaba. The unlikely relationship started about four years ago while she was a university fresher. 

Lydia Jazmine and Rabadaba

“Almost four years ago, (2013) during my first year at the university, one morning I woke up and decided to hit studio to record my first song in my professional career as an artist, and not the girl people were used to seeing in the band or backing up numerous artists. I met the young famous producer @nessimpanproduction with whom I wrote and recorded this song “YOU KNOW.”

“While in studio, this very talented gentleman was outside waiting to come in next after me. When he entered, he fell in love with my, song, after which he asked to free style on it. In just two hours, the song was complete and he told me I could release it as acollaboration if I wanted to. I can’t explain the excitement I felt.. I mean I was not even expecting it, I was only this girl that had a big dream but always hidden behind the curtains’. To my surprise the song hit right away and even though I couldn’t earn much out of it, it got my name moving in public”, she revealed.

She further stated the star always accompanied her to music shows. 

“Each time I got a chance out of school to perform on a show, he was always present to perform our song. He didn’t ask for anything in return as most of the artists used to.. like money or even more. His main goal was to be apart of this journey, he continuously reminded me of how much talented Iam and that I would make it one day!”

This was the push she needed in life. 

“That’s where my dream began, it all started with me, I paid all the expenses I needed before I got management from the money I used to earn in the band and now so you know”, she concluded.

So you now know her story!