Trending: Only people who have made it in life will read this

As long you have been walking through these Facebook streets you ought to have come across the trending “People who ….think they have made it life”. They come off as hilarious pieces. Man, in a life where every one seems to heading onto the next one, these posts are inevitable. These posts practically are crafted to bully, tease or despise what one may be bragging about. These are some of the most hilarious.

  Racheal RN throws shade at those who check in at airports. You know the thrill of leaving a country? Especially like this Godforsaken country of ourselves? Racheal literally came in just to spoil that moment of selfies making us  feel stranded in life.

Travels pictures are some of those guaranteed to get some good round of likes and shares and this hilarious Facebook user just watered down somebody’s “big”  moment.

Enough with travels, some found comfort poking at the on going 77DOGS crusade going on at Rubaga Miracle Cathedral. This crusade, unlike any other has had a strong online presence thanks to live video feeds, Uganda’s thirst for miracles and celebrities joining Christianity.

The joke has been working for most people so it had to go to workplaces too..

Then it went very personal. Very personal.

But what is a trend without going petty. I mean this really petty!

For course, somebody had to throw shade at I phone users. Isn’t like anybody’s dream phone?

Then the irony came in…

Let’s roll with less intellectual ones..

Uber, of course if you use Uber people on boda boda and taxi won’t let you just go scot-free.

Now look at this one who has managed only one like also hating.

The selfies at restaurants!! Months or years after living on rolex and kikomando, visiting a restaurant is a moment of arrival but one you did not invite will not be impressed.

Then this!

I have enjoyed this trend and I do hope you make it life.