Unsung heroines: The powerful women that will be forgotten on Women’s day

As an era that is ambition driven, we tend to look towards the women whose names make headlines and forget the women who are running in the shadows, putting out fires and generally giving lives some equilibrium. If these ladies were not a part of our societies, the world would be nothing but chaos and that’s why we celebrate these unsung heroines today.


Despite the way they’re looked down upon, waitresses have an admirable degree of smartness and the patience of a saint. They will smile for you, listen to your grumpiness when all they had to do was serve you and leave. If you can’t pursue a professional counseling session, all you have to do is have a waitress friend and she will always have an ear.


This is a role which has created some controversies over the years. The typical chicken and egg story of maids turning their masters evil versus masters turning their maids evil. The fact is society cannot do without these fine women who leave their homes to come and take care of others’ at usually a peanut fee. These are women who are always the last to sleep and first to wake up and always making sure that everything at home is in order.    


You have seen them in schools, at the hospitals, in restaurants, marketplaces, burials, weddings et al. We all assume they don’t deserve a mention because well, they’re always hiding in the kitchens. Cooking especially for a big crowd is a job that only a powerful, patient and talented woman can do.


You drive past them as they sweep the roads, walk by as they clean your office floors, windows, desks and you never think about them until you move passed them again. These are women who have made it their personal business to keep the environment sparkling clean even when nobody notices. We celebrate these brilliant ladies today.

Mobile laundry women

These are woman who move from house to house washing people’s clothes. What’s more heroic about these women is that they have learnt the skill of washing almost to perfection. For the hardworking bachelors and spinsters, when you land on the perfect laundry woman, it’s like landing on manna.

Security guards

It’s very difficult to look at a female security guard past the gun or arrow. Most people assume that these women don’t have a life or if they do, it’s a very boring one. What we don’t know is that these are women who have circumvented the male world to take up jobs which were previously designed for men.  


In the wake of this feminism era, people tend to look down on women who choose to become housewives calling them lazy and unfocused. They forget that actually staying at home to take care of the family is a job. This is a woman who will always have time for the children and husband no matter how much house chores she has to go through all day.