The love, love and love at Chizo Dating App launch on Valentine’s Day

It was an atmosphere of love, love and love at the launch of Chizo dating app held at Fame Lounge yesterday evening.

Ready for Chizo

Chizo Dating App is an app which allows singles to navigate the sea of potential mates whilst keeping their privacy under lock and key.

Chizo is where a new world awaits

The launch, which kicked off a series of other Singles’ Ball Parties, was received with a lot of warmth as groups of single ladies and gentlemen dressed in love colours (black, red, white blue) filled up the lounge to capacity.

 “I expected to find lots of single people seated and looking all so blue but I’m shocked by how jolly and free spirited everyone looks,” said a one Namata Tracy.

“Am glad I downloaded the app and got to be part of this amazing world,” she added before waltzing off to where the jazz band had set shop.

The ladies must have seen the fun coming

Paul Kirungi, Chizo Dating App CEO, expressed his gratitude and couldn’t wait to share his ambitions with the guests. He noted that the app is to not only make dating easy and fun but also make it secure for hardworking Ugandans.

Paul Kirungi, Chizo CEO said that the app has been approved in different countries and he’s happy to finally bring it home.

“I’m glad that my longtime dream is finally home. It’s a great opportunity that my fellow citizens have allowed me to lead this country into a new era of dating,” noted Paul.

“The app which I started with a team of professionals has been tried and given the thumbs up in different countries and I couldn’t wait to bring it home,” he added. 

Angelic Naava Grey wows the crowd to chills

The event which was hosted by Capital FM’s Lucky, was highlighted by “Soka Lami” hit maker Naava Grey who sang most of her soulful songs like “Nkwetaaga”, and “Aliba Waani”. Other artists who sealed the atmospheric bliss included Kenneth Mugabi, Charmant Mushanga, Keko and Mun G.

After Kenneth Mugabi was done, there was no dry eye in the crowd.

Chizo Dating App can be downloaded just by clicking and will be throwing a series of other Singles’ Ball Parties across the country throughout the year.