How to pick the most romantic place for Valentine’s day 

Whether a couple or not, it is still a good idea to know how to pick a place to escape to with someone this Valentine’s day.  You don’t want to have less than your money and effort’s worth at the end of the day- which is why we have set for you guiding tips on how to find that special place for a special day. Check them out.

Prepare in advance

To find the perfect place, it certainly can’t be a walk-in unless it was a last minute plan. Preparing in advance gives you the advantage to be both emotionally and financially ready to have the ultimate experience of your special day. If you might want to experience a new place altogether, pass by that place today and inquire about their services. You don’t want to end up like me a few years back when I had to drive around town to find a place because all the places were fully reserved, too expensive or not good enough.

Know your date

If your date is someone you have been with and probably know, then this shouldn’t be a problem. If not, endeavor to know what tickles and mesmerizes your date’s insides. From the type of music, colours, foods, drinks, smells, everything. This should help you close in on the type of place they would have a good time but most importantly, a place you would feel comfortable being yourself. This can also work in your favour because it gives you an insight on how compatible the two of you love birds might be.

Atmosphere is your best friend

I cannot stress enough how much atmosphere counts when it comes to special days especially those days that have love written all over. The restaurant you pick must reach a certain level of atmospheric bliss if it should encompass a night to remember. Consider the lighting, noise level, ambience etc.

Distance and time

Since Wednesday the day after Valentine’s Day, is a working day, it’s highly unlikely that many will have the day off. You do not want to spend the little special time together on the road. Whoever said, “Love was like living a thousand years in one moment,” was probably right. It’s special days like these when every second counts- so let it count by choosing a place that will not give you a hard time after all the wining, kissing and snuggling .

 Singles’ Ball Party

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