#IreneTheSiren: Things you should never ever do while on a date

When someone talks about the things forbidden on the first date, what comes to mind is s3x. Well, s3x is somewhere but not on top of the list. In fact, some of the things you deem as very simple spell more doom to chances of a second date than s3x. Some things may not seem so obvious until you say the four words we all regret to say “What was I thinking?” These are the absolutely worst things that you can do on a first date.

Showing up late

This is simply unacceptable! Yes, he’s expecting you to spend hours in front of a mirror but, unless the mirror gave you a heart attack, it’s not an excuse for showing up late.

Too much makeup

Men no longer swoon over made up beauty, there’s too much of that all over the internet. They however want something that’s as close to the real thing as possible.

Too much skin

Save the “If you’ve got it flaunt it” talk for hook ups with your buddies.

Too high heels

Yes you know how to waltz in those heels and oh girl do they look sexy on you but NO! They display an overly high sense of confidence and you do not want your date to judge you by this physical impression.

Strange foods and drinks

Stay away from foods and drinks you have no clue about. Even if your date insists that you try it out, simply tell him “maybe next time.” For now, keep your adventurous self under lock and key.


There’s absolutely no way you’re getting another date by being an insensitive bitch. Being rude at the waiter, talking about how ugly the girl at the bar is, how trashy your friends are and no, you can’t even trash the girl on the TV ad.

Talking about your exes

That’s just outright madness. In fact when you’re on a date, you’re a girl who has never seen another man except the one sitting in front of you.