Barbie Kyagulanyi: Things to look at when getting a school for your child

My friend is always late for everything! The other day she was asking whether it was possible for her to secure a place for her daughters in the school where my kids go. I was like; “Girlfriend! All the interviews were done in November and the new entrants went for Christmas holidays aware that their places were secured at the school!”

Just like my friend, I know most parents are not sure of what to consider when finding a school for their children. Things to look at are way too many! 

We consider things like distance between home and school. Is it a walkable distance? Will you need to drop and pick them using a motorcycle or a car? How much time does one need before they reach the school? After classes, will your children get hungry and tired from waiting in jam on their way back home? Distance should be considered.

Then you ask yourself, what time are they required at school? What time do they break off? Won’t it be too early making your children deprived of good sleep? Does the time they are required at school fall in line with the time you go to work?

Think of things like their religion and worship habits. If religion matters to you as a parent, then you have to look at whether the school of your choice favours you.

The type of food served at school is also important. What’s the menu like? Will your children get malnourished or will they get a balanced diet away from home?

The amount paid for school fees should be affordable to you. You should also know whether the school you love for your children admits both genders and whether your child will be studying with one or both boys and girls. You also need to know whether it’s a day or boarding school or both. 

If you are looking for a school for your child please make sure that both you and your child are happy during the term and that you will be proud of how the school performs at national level, whether there’s support to develop talent and whether in the school is not a mini prison for both of you.

As we do last minute school hunting, let’s watch out for the little details that we need for comfort while they study.