Head counting of Makerere university students kicks off today

The Makerere University visitation committee is today kick-starting the 20-day headcount exercise in order to ascertain the exact number of students at the institution.

The exercise shall require continuing students to present their admission forms and University IDs whereas new entrants shall present their Registration forms and their former secondary school IDs.

According to a letter from the University Academic Registrar Alfred Masikye Namoah, the students that shall miss the headcount are likely to be expelled.

The headcount has attracted criticism from the public with many questioning the motive behind the exercise. 

“What is the use of records and databases? What is the use of all the lists developed from pencil pushing tasks of admission, registration, daily attendance lists, exam lists, etc? How is it possible that all the university administrators responsible for students do not know the exact number of students in the university? Who does this uncertainty of student numbers serve? Who benefits from public ignorance about the total number of students? How does the university explain away this sloppiness?” Prof.  Stella Nyanzi, an outspoken critic and professor at the university posted on her Facebook wall. 

The visitation committee is investigating the alleged mismanagement issues at the public institution. The academic staff was also asked to submit their professional documents for assessment.