“There are very many fake artistes in Uganda”–Disgusted Sizza Man lashes out and lists them

Sizza Man
Lusama singer Sizza Man the dictionary is unhappy with many people in Uganda’s music scene. Without mincing words, Sizza man struck the knife claiming that most artistes in Uganda are “fake”.

In an exclusive interview with Urban television, he claimed many artistes are not only fake but also copying his style and his beloved name has been the most targeted. “They have even run out of names so they are getting names out of mine”, he bragged.

He stated that names like Zizza in reference to Zizza Bafana and Ceaserous are both crafted out of his own stage moniker.  He also warned artistes who depend on song writers to keep away from calling themselves “musicians”, which he claimed is not worthy of people who should simply leave music for those who are able to write their own songs.

Sizza seemed to be in mood for punching more bags as he claimed that there are no artistes in Uganda worthy of calling themselves international. In reference to Eddy Kenzo, he labelled him “lucky guy with music I don’t listen to”.

He stated that artistes need to work much harder to go international with a Ugandan sound. He also clarified to his fans that he is also a business man so they should not only expect him to be looking for shows and making music.
That’s Sizzaman for you!