Kyambogo girl twerks for guests, mother collapses at graduation party

It is graduation party season for Kyambogo university folks after the three day event ended on Friday. A graduation party is expected to be one of those deeply emotional moments of gratitude and appreciation especially to the parents or guardians who supported the student achieve their dream. However for one Namusoke Harriet (Not real names) an Economics and statistics student, she had other ideas of showing her gratitude. The now professional economist proved that she did not only go to the university to learn square root, whole numbers and theories about finances like inflation, imports and exports in the economy but also to rhythmically  gyrate her lower fleshy extremities in a lascivious manner with the intent to elicit arousal and attention.

Everything was all going as planned till Namusoke was called to give her speech. In her speech, she praised her parents for paying her tuition and also the friends joined and thanked them for the financial assistance they gave to Namusoke, for they too enjoyed a fair share! She then lost it when the deejay played her favourite hit song Kamatia chini by Navy Kenzo. Namusoke the party animal could not hide her spots. She unleashed the coursework she learnt from the various campus nights she attended and went into frenzy.

Joined by her two close friends, they forgot that the men in the audience were their relatives and friends and not the usual crowd they danced for with hopes of getting hair bills sorted.  Thanks to the beers they had had heard before joining the stage, they twerked in their gowns as guests shuffled in embarrassment. The mother, a staunch Catholic Charismatic leader could not believe her eyes. Some guests clapped and cheered to mask the shame but it was too late.

The mother collapsed and was rushed for first aid. She later recovered and the party went on after the deejay was sternly warned against ‘spoiling and poisoning their degree daughter with bad manners’. She was praised largely throughout the ceremony as the first girl in the family to graduate with a degree.

The party was held in Kyaliwajjala, a Kampala surburb.