Urban TV’s Malaika quits after bosses refuse to raise her salary

Malaika Nyanzi

Malaika Nyanzi threw in the towel at Urban TV last week, and she made it a point to share her move with fans on Facebook; “On 30th November 2016 I resigned from Urban Television. I know this is coming as a shock to many of you but trust me when I say I am as shocked as you are. Everything happened so fast but such is life,” Malaika’s post read in part.

When asked why she quit, Malaika told one of our reporters that it was because she failed to reach an agreement with her bosses – contract-wise! Of course we told her that her answer was way too vague, so we chose to dig deeper.

And according to our sources, Malaika simply stood her ground and demanded a certain amount for her salary, yet management had made a decision to chop salaries for Urban TV employees!

“She said they either pay her what she wanted or she quits; they said they were not in position to pay her what she wanted and she decided to quit,” the source told us. The source told us there is some cost-cutting going on at Urban TV that has affected salaries of most of the station’s employees.