#WCW: Sophisticated and bitchy Stella Nantumbwe 


Stella Nantumbwe first appeared on the social scene when she won the 2014 Miss Uganda Crown.


She was arguably the most silent Miss Uganda right until a few months before the end of her reign when in the same year, she joined Big Brother Hotshots.


Stella Nantumbwe whose name was shortened to Ellah after her entrance into the Big Brother House also brought a twist to how her name was viewed by the media- she promised a full show during shower-hour in the house.

Ellah and Idris in Big Brother House

The 23-year-old Ellah described herself as sophisticated, bitchy and charismatic which was later to be confirmed by her 15 minutes of fun with winner of the show Idris, despite having promised to not sleep with anyone in the house.


Ellah is back in NTV’s Second Chance as Isabel, a yet another sophisticated and bitchy character in the remake of the Mexican telenovela.