Will Ellah nail Isabel’s character in Uganda’s Second Chance?  


Ella and Roger Mugisha plays Salvador

Former Miss Uganda Stella Nantumbwe aka Ella is set to play Isabel Arroyo, the part that everyone loved to hate in Second Chance- the telenovela produced by Mexican  Telemundo series that took Uganda by storm.

NTV has remade the series that starts airing this Monday evening.

Ellah is in the lead role and the big question is whether she will fit in Isabel’s shoes. Ellah does not give us a better answer herself. “It’s a big deal for me; of course there moments when I ask myself if am doing it right or if I’m doing her justice.”


The part seems to be highly rated especially because Lorena Rojas the girl who played Isabel in the series that were filmed in Florida died of cancer early last year.  Ella is left with the challenge to keep up the pace.

Second Chance Uganda has also pulled a wide range of reaction from the public as some do not support the idea while others would love to see their favourite stars come back to life.

“This thing of copy and paste is not nice in this 21 century…. Especially when everyone is thinking outside the box,” reads Avari Prady, in one of the comments on the Second Chance Facebook page.


Several other famous TV faces Anita Fabiola, Roger Mugisha, Fagil Mandy and Sarah Kisawuzi who acts as Senga Nalweyiso on Deception are in on this one too.