Anita Fabiola literally given a Second Chance by NTV

Fabiola will act Angella, the daughter of Pedro (played by Fagil Mandy).

Anita Fabiola has literally been given a “Second Chance” after having been fired by the TV station over her nud3 pictures leaking last year.

Fabiola who used to host the Be My Date show will once again be Turning On Your World in NTV’s remake of the telenovela Second Chance that starts airing this Monday evening.

“I’ll be playing Angela Donoso. Don Pedro José Donoso’s daughter. A very strong character that will do anything to protect her father,” Fabiola said.

Fabiola in the series.

The show has several famous faces like former Miss Uganda Stellah Nantumbwe who will play the lead character, former radio personality Roger Mugisha, veteran actor Fagil Mandy and Sarah Kisawuzi who made herself a household name as a monster mother in law, in NTV’s Deception series.