Interview: Navio calls himself a trendsetter as many artistes are now fusing their music with traditional sounds

Navio is holding a concert at Garden City roof top.

Tell us about Njogereza… How did you come up with it?
Njogereza was basically an idea that came up naturally. I was in the studio with Paddy Man and I started screaming out nyabula nyabula, (sings) he started playing some codes and in about 20 minutes we had a song… Njogereza.

What inspired you to go traditional?
I wanted to do something that really captured my heritage because I have got 36 hip hop awards, so I wanted to do something really different.

It is not your first foray into fusing mordern and traditional music. Tell us about working with folk legend Nandujja?
We struck up a very good friendship back then when we worked together on Nawuliranga. She is an extraordinarily talented artiste and I enjoy working with her.

How do you come up with such rare Luganda words for your song titles? Njogereza, and your latest Embukuli?
Well, my Luganda is okay but it’s limited, so I bring in Unique (fellow artiste) to put the verses together. About the rare words, well, I’m a Muganda.

What should we expect at the Njogereza Concert?
You should expect a show that will turn the Garden City rooftop upside down. My music lays precedence of its kind and I’m going to do it again come September 9.

Who will be the guest artistes?
My Klear Kut boys will be cutting it just like we always do. We shall also have Ziza Bafana, Keko, Mun G, Gravity Omutujju, and Maro including more surprise guest artistes.

Why the Rooftop?
When people hear about the Rooftop, they imagine it’s the old small place but no. We shall be at the Rooftop parking sight where we can sit over 8000 people. And people need a change from the usual concert places.

Navio's music has lots of traditional influences.
Navio’s music has lots of traditional influences.

Since you went traditional, what has been your highlight?
It’s quite an experience. I love setting trends. As you well know Klear Kut set the hip hop trend in Uganda and I’m having a time of my life seeing that other artistes are picking up on my traditional music trend as well.

What can you tell upcoming hip hop artistes?
Well hip hop is not a type of music to joke around with so I urge the upcoming hip hop stars to work hard and borrow a leaf or two from us the grandfathers of hip hop.

What will it take for us to be part of the Njogereza concert?
Well, our ticket prices are within the affordable range since we are targeting a wide range of people. Our music cuts across all ages. 10k Ordinary, 50k VIP and 2m for a table of 10 VVIP.

What message do you have for your fans that are waiting for the concert?

To all my fans out there I say thank you very much for supporting the Navio brand, big ups to Matooke Republic and to Matooke Republic readers and mark September 9 on your calendar as the hottest day of the year.