#WCW: Faridah Nakazibwe, NTV’s drool worthy beauty.


Faridah Nakazibwe was born and bred in Masaka. She attended Kisozi Boarding Primary school and then moved to Bwala Primary school. She did her secondary studies at Taibah High School in Kawempe, and moved to IUIU [Islamic University in Uganda, Mbale] from where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication.


The curvy beauty’s figure is natural. She just doesn’t try that much. “I think I am one of the most unfit Ugandan women. I went to the gym for two weeks and when I missed one day, I never went back. I also used to go for Zumba but the timing of the classes wasn’t favourable for me. The class was between 6pm and 8pm yet that is when we are most busy at NTV,” she was quoted in a recent interview.

To keep her skin smooth, she uses Lancôme products that she picked up on a recent trip to Dubai.


Her sense of style is one of the things that captivate her legion of admirers. She is decent in a sexy way, with her trademark body hugging dresses that bring out her curves. During Ramathan, the Muslim lady covers up with a veil. She says she chooses her own clothes and doesn’t have a stylist.


Nakazibwe says she is single though she maintains contact with Dan Nankunda, a former fellow WBS TV employee who is the father of her two daughters and she was last year linked to NRM Vice Chairman Moses Kigongo. The two even hit Guvnor on a few occasions. Asked about dating someone who was almost double her age, Nakazibwe replied that she liked mature men.