We must stand up against Police brutality – Bobi Wine rallies Ugandans

bobi police1
Bobi poses with a friendly cop.

Singer Bobi Wine continues to be relevant to the political scene in the country. The self-proclaimed Ghetto president has come out to add his voice to people condemning police brutality.

Bobi has urged the public to stand up against this brutality.

Stick wielding policemen on Tuesday and Wednesday flogged Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye’s supporters in a bid to disperse the crowds that were welcoming the opposition leader from jail after he was granted bail, two months after he was remanded to Luzira prison on treason charges.

There has been a lot of dismay after images of police flogging Besigye’s supporters like cattle were aired by local TV stations.

Police Chief Kale Kayihura defended the Police’s actions saying that the cops were provoked and that using batons is just one of the means available to police to keep law and order.

Bobi posted on Facebook

“I am wondering, WHERE IS A UGANDAN SUPPOSED TO REPORT WHEN ABUSED BY THE  POLICE??…especially when the #PoliceBoss comes out to #CondoneTheViolence. Are we encouraging this kind of brutality in the pearl of Africa?? We must stand up against this kind of abuse by the very #PublicServants who we pay to #ServeAndProtect us.