Bobi Wine has message for Besigye supporters after visiting him in Luzira

bobiGhetto President Bobi Wine spared some time and visited opposition leader Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye at Luzira Upper prison on Monday.

Besigye is currently in prison, facing treason charges following a mock swearing ceremony he held in protest of the February 18 elections that he claims were rigged in favour of incumbent President Yoweri Museveni.

The singer revealed that they had an exclusive and touching chat about the state of affairs in our country.

“Once you decide to stand up and oppose an oppressive regime, you will always have two homes, your real home and prison, but that should never break your spirit and quest for freedom and justice,” Bobi quoted Besigye.

“At this particular time in our history, it’s not a matter of what political party or affiliation you belong to, we all have a collective responsibility to liberate our motherland,” Besigye told Bobi.

“Parties can only exist in a free and fair atmosphere where everybody is equal under the law,” added Besigye.

According to Bobi Wine, Besigye also had a message for the youth. “He was a young medical doctor in his twenties when he decided join the struggle to liberate Uganda in 1982, so it’s upon the young people of this generation to get up and offer leadership,” Bobi Wine said.

Besigye ended the dialogue by wishing all the ‎Muslim brothers and sisters a happy Idd Day.