He was only three weeks away from his wedding day– the NBL Engineer crushed by machine

nile guy2Heart-rending details have emerged that the Nile Breweries engineer crushed to death by a factory machine last Thursday was only three weeks from his wedding day. If you can, even think of a stronger word than heart-rending to describe the scenario.

William Buluma Wejuli was crushed to instant death at Nile Breweries’ Jinja factory after the machine pulled him by the Identity Card he was wearing around his neck, and at his vigil over the weekend details emerged that he was only three weeks from his wedding day – as the widow who was too confounded  kept on yelling one thing, “My husband has gone, my husband…who is to marry me now? Who will marry me if not you, William?”

Susan Nannono, 29 years old, is the widow Buluma leaves behind, and he leaves her with their one-year-old daughter Wilona Mirembe.



Apparently, William and Susan’s wedding was scheduled for 25 June, and last weekend was supposed to be the last time they were announced in church as a couple set to be wed. In her tears at the vigil Nanyondo also revealed that when her husband-to-be left home on the day he met his fate, they were supposed to go for one of their last marriage counseling sessions the following day –only for her to receive a phone call indicating William was no more.

nile guy

The only story that tried to lessen the sadness of the whole situation of William’s death before his wedding was Nile Breweries’ revelation that they were to compensate William’s family with a substantial amount that should go some way in looking after the family he leaves behind –especially his daughter Wilona and her mother Susan.