Fashion designer Santa Anzo calls VP Ssekandi’s suit a rape of fashion

Ssekandi arrives for the State of The Nation Address. (New Vision Photo)

Vice President Edward Ssekandi is trending on social media for the wrong reasons; the proudly Black, Yellow and Red suit he wore to the State of The Nation Adress yesterday.

Ssekandi was not the only one donning the suit as other MPs like Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankambirwa were wearing the same jacket and it turns out it is the official suit of the 10th Parliament. To make matters worse, it was made in Germany.

Now, fashion designer has come out wondering why Ugandan fashion designers are not trusted to design suits for the honourables. She called the fashion fail suit “a rape of fashion.”

Read her full statement on the suits that she posted on Facebook below:


‪#‎StateoftheNationAddress‬-A Rape of Fashion!!!

Made in GERMANY vs Made in UGANDA.

What a slap in the face for me and as well for Uganda’s young, vibrant and HUNGRY fashion & garments’ sector. This too was an outright jeer-at and, insult to H. E President Y.K. Museveni.

The Ugandan parliament decides to import uniform jackets which members of parliament proudly adorned & gleefully showcased, while posing as they bragged on national TV; “these are MADE IN GERMANY!”

Oh puh-lease….Don’t crack me!!! The Germans certainly insulted you bulungi with that desperate attempt at designer jackets…good lord the colouring! was the brief clear enough or did they mistake our national parliament for a clowns’ den. How else can we justify this eye sore of a parliamentary “made in Germany” designer jacket?????!

Yes l am pissed off! So pissed off in fact!
H.E the President’s address which otherwise was sparkly became immediately soiled and totally mocked by the importation of clearly sub-standard, ill fitting MP Jackets. Made in Germany.

I have received several compliants from very angry and disappointed Ugandans ….some of whom thought this was my work(l love to work with Ugandan national colours)…others asked “couldn’t you help guide our parliament?”, “why didn’t you slash your prices?”..oh No! Although l dress several Ministers, MPs, the IGG, Kings, Queens & chiefs, these were not mine. Not Ugandan! Nope!!!

In regard to price, unconfirmed reports say these jackets cost a whopping USD 300.00 each. My clients will tell you that they pay nothing close, and by the way for better.

Nankabirwa in the ladies' version of the suit.
Nankabirwa in the ladies’ version of the suit. (New Vision Photo)


The President sternly advised as follows; “Government institutions, without exception, must buy locally made products provided they are of good quality and comparable price. That, however, should not be an excuse for continuing to import what can be made here. If the quality is not yet perfect, discuss with the manufacturers how that can be improved”

For purposes of clarity and comparison in quality; of design, fabric as well as garment construction and tailoring, l have decided to post the pictures of the MPs in their Made in Germany Jackets(See stripped Red, yellow & black) along side Pepsi- International/Pepsi-Uganda top executives wearing Made in Uganda designed at ARAPAPA by Santa Anzo (see white Executive shirts & the beautiful lady Director in a blue peplum dress).

It pains me that regardless of the President’s insistence and direction, the local industry that employs mainly the young, disadvantaged and yet very vibrant and creative continue to miss out on opportunities such as these….clearly apart from the President, most of our leadership does not give a hoot about the welfare and employment of its citizens.

I shall continue to present issues concerning the business of fashion/garments to H.E the President (so far he has been the sole listener to our issues).

On behalf of ARAPAPA, l wish to thank Pepsi-International and Pepsi-Uganda for recognising and choosing to support and buy Made in Uganda. Chairman Amos Nzei and Co-Director Dr. Maggie Kigozi you certainly are exemplary patriotic leaders, your trust in my team and l, kept us working all night to meet the very tight deadlines and high quality standards – we did not disappoint. Thank you.

So, my dear disappointed countrymen, here is Pepsi-Made in Uganda.

The outfits Santa made for Pepsi.
The outfits Santa made for Pepsi.