GNL Zamba starts life as Hollywood Movie Star

gnl movie2

GNL Zamba has began life as a movie star in the U.S after the shooting of a movie in which he is a co-star began. The shooting of the movie began this week, and an over-the-moon GNL Zamba took to his Facebook to share pictures of him on camera, accompanied by the words:

“Lights, camera, action…
My character is an entry level investment banker, raised in queens NY by my Ugandan father who works for the UN. The super talented Darren Lee Campbell is my cousin from Woodhills CA. Our mothers are sisters, we grew up together.”

gnl movie

Darrel Lee campbell is a fairly celebrated actor in Hollywood, and GNL Zamba’s being on the same set with him means the Ugandan is starting his Hollywood career on quite a note.

The rapper left Uganda a couple of years ago, in his own words to live with his US-born wife in Los.Angeles, but ever since there have been varied stories about what he really is up to in the U.S. Many said he had gotten married to a rich American woman and become a full-time husband, others said he was surviving as a petty thug on the streets, even others that he was doing cheap labour commonly known as Kyeyo.

But this latest news of the rapper from Obama’s land indicates GNL might actually be on his way to greater things than anyone ever expected.

GNL Zamba a few months ago also released a new music album.