Two women jailed for shouting on Kampala streets

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) enforcement team arrested two women for shouting on Kampala streets.
Two Luwum Street-based salon attendants have been charged with noise pollution in the city and sentenced to serve four weeks in jail.

38-year-old Faridah Nakibuule of Nakulabye and 32-year-old Allen Mbabazi of Rubaga were arrested by KCCA officials at Luwum Street yesterday, for shouting and pulling people’s hands in a bid to attract them to their saloons.
They were taken to City Hall court and straight away produced before Grade One magistrate Moses Nabende, prosecutors charging the two women with disrupting city dwellers’ peace by making unnecessary noiseand pulling passers-by hands hands.

After the accused pleaded guilty of the charges and requested court to pardon them, also promising never to engage in the act again, Magistrate Moses Nabende sentenced Nakibuule to four weeks in prison, while he ordered Mbabazi to pay a fine of Sh40,000 or also serve four weeks behind bars.