Photos: Besigye crowds paralyse business in Kampala


If votes were decided by crowds not secret ballot, Rt. Col. Dr Kiiza Besigye would sure be the next President of Uganda. The Forum For Democratic Change flag brought business to a standstill as his procession made its way from Namboole Stadium where he was nominated as a Presidential candidate in the 2016 elections, to Nakivubo stadium where he held his first public rally. As seen from the photo above, Jinja Road was a no go area for motorists as it was filled with a sea of Besigye supporters.


Dr Besigye was given a sofa by a trader in Banda and he sat on it, atop his SUV. There was a sea of people and Besigye’s journey from Namboole to Nakivubo stadium took a whole five hours as Besigye’s vehicle moved at snail pace with his pedestrain supporters.



A screen grab from NBS TV that covered the proceedings live.


Traders watched the crowds from their arcades. Business was put at a stand still.