22-year-old wins contest to design Jennifer Musisi at KCCA Festival

akinyiEarly last month, KCCA announced a design competition across various media streams including Web, Social Media and Print calling upon creative fashionistas to dress up KCCA’s Executive Director Jennifer S Musisi.

The 22-year old Ugandan Akinyi Meram Victoria emerged with the best costume beating competition from across Africa.

Akinyi is a graduate of Makerere University Margaret Trowel School of Industrial Fine Arts with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Fine Art and Design.

She is also the founder of ‘Street Lights Uganda’ a nonprofit NGO that focuses on empowering vulnerable street children through art, giving them life skills to become self-sustaining and productive citizens.

Akinyi walks away with a cash prize of Shs1m, and a free stall at a prime location during the Kampala City Festival 2015.  She as well gets a lunch date with Jennifer Musisi.


Akinyi and KCCA Executive Director, Jennifer Musisi

Kampala City Festival is an annual festival aimed at bringing people together for one big street party. The highlights and marvels include the floats and costumes: the excitement and anticipation included the question of “what will Jennifer wear this time!”

The overriding theme for the 4th October 2015 event is ‘Colour’, to celebrate a part of our heritage and long standing traditions of a colourful environment, diversity, lifestyles, materials, food and fabrics. Additionally, KCCA is spearheading a Green/Sustainability practices drive.  With a sub-theme ‘Eco Fashion’, it is a great addition to this year’s festival. Eco Fashion involves use of eco-friendly materials and techniques that promote recycling and reuse of particular materials.

The design criteria entailed; Creativity, Authenticity, Comfort – The costumes must be comfortable to allow activities like dancing and walking. Decency and elegance were part of the game.