I am hurt by Illuminati claims – Irene Ntale pours her heart out on being linked to the devilish cult

irene ntale ambition3Singer Irene Ntale has opened her heart and said she is hurt by claims that she is a member of the Illuminati, a devil worshipping secret society. Ntale was one of the celebrities named as being a member of the Illuminati because she is an ambassador of Ambition Mission the youth empowerment and anti-tobacco campaign that was linked to the secret society in an anonymous letter.


Ambition Mission has since come out to dismiss the claims (read the story here). Ntale, Eddy Kenzo, Mun-G and Juliana are the celebrity Ambition Mission ambassadors who were linked to the Illuminati society.

Irene Ntale ambition

Ntale couldn’t just let the rumours tarnish her years of hustling and she released a statement.

Read her emotional missive to the Illuminati claims below.

Enuf sed. Let’s put the record straight on this illuminati theory. I have hustled for way longer than most people know. I have done bar gigs, spent nights in the cold, been told I’d never make it. I hustled and with the grace of God things started to happen for me slowly. This is a journey of over 5 years but to some people it seems like Irene Ntale is an overnight success simply because they have just come to know me. Their lack of knowledge coupled with their weak faith in God’s power they relate that kind of success to the devil. Why are you giving away all the good God has done to the devil. Shouldn’t we all be glorifying him!

Anyone who says success is evil is evil themselves. God wants us to prosper and live life to the fullest. Unfortunately the people who have not lived their potential have constantly found a reason to justify their mediocrity in life by relating success to evil. It’s only a lazy person that will tell you money is evil. It’s only that kind of person that will tell you it’s evil to be famous or have abundantly. That person is evil and will preach that to you so you get comfortable with a life of lack. Mediocrity loves company.

irene ntale3

God didn’t create us to lack, he constantly blesses us to live amazing lives.
My friends and fans, don’t let anyone tell you that to be successful you have to be evil. These illuminati stories are created by miserable people who want to justify their miserable lives. I doubt a rich man will say money is evil, it’s instead the one who wants it but feels they can’t get it that will brand it evil.
I have been called evil, illuminati n all sorts of names but what hurts more is that people claim to do it in Jesus’s name. I have worked hard, am a God fearing girl and I will continue to use God’s gifts to achieve greatness.

And to my fans who are also parents, encourage your children to pursue whatever they want to become, there’s nothing evil at succeeding at your dreams. The people who fail at it will attack you for it.

Before I sign out.. Am offering 5m in cash to whoever can step forward and prove these baseless claims of Illuminati. Show us where they are recruited and all that proof. No hear says, only solid proof. It’s time somebody stood up against this craze of ignorance misleading the masses.

All Hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. Proverbs 14:23

Back to work.

Your girl,
Irene Ntale