Naava Grey releases debut album


Naava Grey’s self titled debut album has taken five years in the making. Unlike your usual Ugandan “albums” with a hit song and three others, Naava’s album has 20 fine songs, manifesting the difference time makes.

The singer signed to South African based Rockstar 4000 label released the album at Gatto Matto in Bugolobi on Thursday night.

It was a full house of yuppies that love Naava’s Afro Soul kind of music. She performed her songs like Nteledde, Soka Lami, Aliba Wani, Ndi wano and others, back by Janzi Band.


Several artistes from across the continent feature on the album, with homeboy Mun G who has worked with Naava on several of his projects returning the favour and featuring on Mo Fire. Naava features Zambian Roberto famed for his Amarulah hit on I Will Wait and K’millian, another Zambian on Omutiima. Nigerian rapper M.I features on her Nteredde remix while South African Speedy lends his vocals to the Soka Lami hit.

Naava takes the writing credits for all the songs save for the vocals of featured artistes, with DKing of Neutriq Town producing most songs. Other producers include Andy Music, Michael Fingers, Josh Wonder and Ogopa Butterfly.


Naava’s fans at the concert.


Radio City’s Peace Menya (L) was the emcee of the event. Right are Rwandan nationals Jordie Phibi and DJ Pius who performed at the event.