Xenophobia: Peng Peng video trending in Africa after he claims to be South African gang leader

Peng Peng.

Denmark based Ugandan Nkuba Kyeyo  who goes by the moniker Peng Peng is not a stranger to uploading controversial videos to drive hits to his Youtube channel. But this time Peng Peng has gone too far, claiming to be a South Africa gang leader in the ongoing xenophobia attacks that have so far claimed the lives of six African nationals working in South Africa.

In the xenophobic attacks, South African gangs are attacking people from other African nations, accusing them to taking their jobs. Peng Peng decided to take advantage of the unfortunate situation, imitating a South African gang leader, in the video that is now trending all over Africa. However, many people believe he is actually a gang leader and are sharing the video, thinking it is akin to the Isis and Al Qaeda videos where the terrorists upload videos committing heinous acts.  Watch the video in which he claims to personally have killed seven people!

[youtube id=”Oj4eGhsiP-Q”]