Buganda princesses are big fans of Sheebah and Pallaso

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Despite her hit songs, many think Sheebah Karungi is up to no good when it comes to morality.

She has posted seminude photos of herself on Social media and others images, binge drinking while masked in a cloud of shisha smoke. In fact she has previously stated that morals are overrated!

But the princesses of Buganda, including Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi and Nabagerekka Sylvia Nagginda’s only child, Princess Katrina Sangalyambogo are huge fans of Sheebah and her Teen No Sleep partner Pallaso.

Sangalayambogo and her elder sisters, Princess Joan Nassolo and Princess Victoria Nkinzi gleefully posed for a photo with the TNS pair during Kabaka’s 60th birthday party on Monday night.

In fact it is the two that got Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga, Prince David Wasajja and other dignitaries on the floor during the performance of their Go Down Low hit.

Sheebah wore a long dress to the royal do, but being her naughty self, it had a long slit, showing kilometres of her thigh. Pallaso on the other hand was dapper, ditching his sweat shirts he returned with from the US for a three piece maroon suit.

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