Seya finally breaks silence on Luzinda’s nudies

seya feat

Former Kampala Mayor Al Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala is a known close friend of singer Desire Luzinda. In fact when he was one time asked to comment about his relationship with Luzinda, Seya who is no stranger to murdering the Queen’s language said, “Those are our private parts.”

Ever since the pictures of his “friend” Desire were leaked close to three weeks ago, he was silent until yesterday when he said he will always stand by Desire because she is a friend.

“Me and Desire are friends, and friends have to be there for each other. I’m going to support her in all means,” he said.

He also felt pity for this generation. “In our days bedroom matters were private. In fact we used to even switch off the lights when we were making love,” he said.

We wish he had given her that wise counsel about “private parts” earlier. Maybe she wouldn’t have posed for the nude pictures in the first place.