Desire finally reports to police over her nude pics

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Singer Desire Luzinda has been on Police’s wanted list over her leaked nude pictures.

She finally reported to the Police headquarters in Naguru and recorded a statement today.

A police source told us that Desire who was quizzed by detectives for more than two hours accused her ex-boyfriend, Nigerian national Franklin Emuobor Ebenhron of leaking her nude pictures.

Ethics Minister Fr Simon Lokodo had called for Luzinda’s arrest under the anti-pornography law when her pictures were leaked which led to Desire to go into hiding.

However, women NGOs defended Desire saying she was a victim of revenge porn and she resurfaced in the public eye, starting by attending her sister’s graduation ceremony in Nkozi last Friday.

Desire also released a video Ekitone on Tuesday.  Click here to watch the video.

Police was interested in prosecuting the Nigerian saying people who publish nude photographs can be charged with trafficking in pornography or offensive communication under the Computer Misuse Act.