Mary Luswata leaves Urban TV for London


Celebrities can now breathe a sigh of relief as gossip queen Mary Luswata is going to shut her parrot mouth – at least for some time.

The Urban TV presenter will present her last show this Wednesday and she spent the whole of Tuesday doing auditions to find a fan who can fill in for her while she is away.  Auditions will continue this Wednesday when Luswata hopes to find someone to fill in for her.

Auditions for someone to fill in Mary Luswata.
Auditions for someone to fill in Mary Luswata.

Matooke Republic understands that Luswata is going to the UK for two weeks.

She will be expected to continue her job of poking fun at celebrities when she returns, but there is worry that she might choose to do kyeyo and not return.

It should be noted that another Urban TV presenter Mosha Danze left for Canada “for a few weeks” and never returned.

Whether Luswata chooses to join nkuba kyeyos in sweeping the streets of London, or she will return to her job, we are not sure what she has up her mind, but time will tell.