I’m gifted and I have game: Desire praises her sexual prowess in new song!!!

desire ekitone

Desire Luzinda has decided to take fellow singer Cindy’s advice and use her leaked nude images scandal to promote her shaky music career.

In a brand new song Ekitone (Talent), Desire goes on to praise herself saying there is no woman better than her in bedroom matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nze nina ekitone … Sikulimba …  Nze ndimu ebilabo,” Desire sings in the new song saying she is talented and gifted.

Njagala bulikimu nkikuwe, ompe omukwano gwo onsasule!!!! (I want to give you everything, but you must be willing to pay for the love),” she sings meaning that her love is does not come free of charge.

Boy nze manyi emikolo …” she goes on to praise her prowess in bed.

Mukono kumukono  (there must be an exchange of cash before anything takes place).” But those who are willing to spend, she assures you … “ I got game.”

She goes on to sings that sometimes she likes it first “Njagala kumpisa mubwangu … ngontematema ngoyanguyiriza (you have to ‘dissect’ me fast).”

“Don’t compare me with other girls, I’m different, my things are different,” she sings … praising “her things” that are now public knowledge.

She also goes on to boast she has got gold and diamond inside her. We might need the long list of men who have mined her gold to testify.


The video for the song is expected to be released this Tuesday, but in the meantime, you can listen to the song here …