Africa knows me, I’m more famous than Bebe Cool – BBA’s Esther

Uganda’s Big Brother Hotshots representative Esther Akankwasa returned home on Thursday night, after having been evicted from the show on Sunday. She was supposed to return on Wednesday, but she missed her flight, as she was signing autographs from fans at OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. talked to Esther on her return. She has no kind words for Bebe Cool.

Bebe Cool was happy that you were evicted because he considered you a national embarrassment…

If it was Radio and Weasel, I would feel bad. I am more famous than that nigga. A man who is 43-years-old and all he does is bring negative energy has a problem.

Is there anything personal between you and Bebe Cool?

If there was anything personal, it wouldn’t be with Bebe Cool. From calling Radio and Weasel Cartoon and Baboon to fights with Chameleone and Bobi Wine … why is it always him? He just feels bad when someone else is trying to make it.

If he apologises, will you forgive him?

He shouldn’t even apologise because I am not bothered. I don’t want to give him a continental platform. Africa knows me and they don’t know him, so let him talk and talk.

Esther during the interview.
Esther during the interview.

How has Big Brother changed you?

I was a simple girl who grew up in a poor area. We were not rich. I struggled to get where I am. Thank you for giving me the platform. I thank the people of Uganda for talking about me, those who said good things and those who said bad things about me. If they don’t talk about you, there is a problem.

What was your strategy in the Big Brother house?

Right from the auditions, I didn’t have a strategy. I just wanted to be myself and to have fun.

What was your most memorable experience in the house?

The Glow In The Dark party. It was really cool. I had never experienced anything like it.

Was there anything between you and Nigerian housemate Tayo? You two seemed very close.

We are friends. He understood me and loved me like a brother. He has a baby boy and a girlfriend. People took our friendship in a different way, but there is nothing more than friendship.

If you were given another chance in Big Brother, what would you do different?

Nothing. Everyone knows that I am real. I would still be myself.

You divorced your German husband Nico Damminger . Do you think you will get married again or you lost trust in marriage?

Of course I will get married again, but I will be more careful. Easy come, easy go.

Esther on her wedding day last year. She divorced her husband after a couple of months.
Esther on her wedding day last year. She divorced her husband after a couple of months.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Yes, but he is not a Ugandan.

Why do you like white guys?

I can date a white man, African, Asian or whatever. It depends on how I feel about you.

Were you shocked when IK called out your name that you had been evicted?

I was shocked, because I know that I am not a weak character. I was like … okay, people did not vote for me.

How does it feel being evicted after just two weeks?

Africa knows me, I did well. There are certain people who reached the finals and I don’t even remember them. But again, Big Brother is about votes and Ugandans don’t vote. Even if you do Spiderman moves, you will still be evicted because people think about the money they are going to spend on the SMS.

Who do you think will win?

Being Ugandan, I am expected to say Ellah, but I think Tayo will win. He is doing well. If not Tayo, I hope Ellah wins.

But you were not good friends with Ellah in the house  …

Coming from the same country doesn’t mean you are going to be friends. I choose my friends wisely. I don’t like pretending. She is not my enemy, but she is not a close friend.

Why did you cry in the house?

It was about my divorce. People kept pushing me to tell them what happened and it was emotional. I never wanted to talk about it, so I broke down.

What pisses you off?

People who judge piss me off. In the Bible, Jesus said, whoever is not a sinner should be the first to cast a stone and no one threw a stone at the woman. If you are not perfect, don’t judge others.

 How did you family feel about you joining Big Brother

I called my dad when I was at the airport that I was going for Big Brother. I didn’t tell him earlier. He was like, “I’m praying for you, go do your thing.”

Esther is handed a bouquet of flowers by her father on return at Entebbe Airport.
Esther is handed a bouquet of flowers by her father on return at Entebbe Airport.

What next after Big Brother?

Lots of things. I am going to go to studio, to do rapping and singing. I am going to act. I have got offers from Nigeria and South Africa. I am also going to do modelling.