You’re a failed singer and homo: DJ Roger hits back at Nick Nola

Pint sized DJ Roger might not be able to last a full round if he were to square it out in the ring with singer Nick Nola, but he knows where to fight back, thanks to social media.

The DJ who plays at Club Venom and Club Rouge was punched in the face by singer Nick Nola. Reason? He didn’t have Nick Nola’s music in his collection.

Rather than trade blows, DJ Roger decided to keep calm and do spin his discs.

But the man who calls himself seven star DJ couldn’t let a “failed musician” bruise his ego so he took the fight to Facebook.

“So unfortunate that an upcoming artist with no hit song for all his life … gets up and punches my face bcoz I don’t have his music in my laptop,” DJ Roger ranted.

“”Nick Nola, I know yo a struggling gay artist who sleeps around with old women to earn a living,” Roger posted.

“One thing you have to know is they never beat DJs. These are some of the reasons why you had a flopped concert at Venom with only two bitches.”

“You want to climb using a fight? They are gonna get you down bcoz you hit a wrong person … they don’t hit DJs, they do good music and give it to DJs,” Roger advised Nola.

Looks like this is just getting started … maaso kulutimbe.

Nick Nola
Nick Nola