Did Eddy Kenzo’s UK show flop?

“Kenzo should sack his so called UK promota … Manchester has de best audience prius sound system n bass y chose Birmingham???!!!!! D ting flopped … neva seen Kenzo sing to chairsssssssssss.”

That was a Facebook comment from Kessie M Chelsea Tamale who attended Sitya Loss singer Eddie Kenzo’s show at Iqwal Banqueting Suite in Birmingham on Friday.

The post from a fan who attended the Birmingham show.
The post from a fan who attended the Birmingham show.

That was the first leg of his AfrikaFest concerts organised by his UK based manager Johnson Mujungu of Grajoh Talent Management.

Kenzo performed live accompanied by Solid Band, a first for many Ugandan artistes who perform abroad as they usually perform to CDs.

Luckily, Kenzo’s main show at the Royal Regency in London on Saturday night was successful.

Kenzo performs in London.
Kenzo performs in London. (Photo courtesy of Johnson Mujungu).
The crowd at Kenzo's London show.
The crowd at Kenzo’s London show. (Photo Courtesy of Johnson Mujungu)

“History will show that Eddy Kenzo’s first ever live show outside Uganda occurred in the United Kingdom. Eddy is beyond talented and Grajoh is proudly associated,” said Mujungu.

“There is fire and fire, and then fire. Eddy Kenzo has fired up the UK! People here love (the) boi,” Mujungu said of the show.

Mc Moseh Hyper Hype and Paddy Dee Nangabo also performed.

A satisfied fan posted on Facebook.
A satisfied fan posted on Facebook.